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Volume : 14 Issue : 2 Year : 2024

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Turkish Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery - Ulus Travma Acil Cerrahi Derg: 14 (2)
Volume: 14  Issue: 2 - April 2008
1.Repair of critical bone defects with injectable platelet rich plasma/bone marrow-derived stromal cells composite: experimental study in rabbits
Xiaobing Cheng, Delin Lei, Tianqiu Mao, Shuyong Yang, Fulin Chen, Wei Wu
PMID: 18523898  Pages 87 - 95

2.The effects of low thyroid hormone levels on the formation of stress gastritis: an experimental study on the rats
Göktürk Maralcan, Hayri Erkol, Zerrin Erkol, Fatih Yanar, Rebecca Plevin
PMID: 18523899  Pages 96 - 102

3.The effect of dehydration and irrigation on the healing of Achilles tendon: an experimental study
Baransel Saygı, Yakup Yıldırım, Cengiz Çabukoğlu, Hasan Kara, Saime Sezgin Ramadan, Tanıl Esemenli
PMID: 18523900  Pages 103 - 109

4.The new Injury Severity Score: a more accurate predictor of need ventilator and time ventilated in trauma patients than the Injury Severity Score
Azim Honarmand, Mohammadreza Safavi
PMID: 18523901  Pages 110 - 117

5.Diagnostic accuracy of symptoms, signs and one-year prognosis of patients with acute non-specific abdominal pain: prospective survey
Halil Özgüç, Nurşen Çakın, Uğur Duman
PMID: 18523902  Pages 118 - 124

6.Predictors of in-hospital mortality of trauma patients injured in vehicle accidents
Haridimos Markogiannakis, Elias Sanidas, Evangelos Messaris, Dimitrios Koutentakis, Kalliopi Alpantaki, Alexandros Kafetzakis, Dimitrios Tsiftsis
PMID: 18523903  Pages 125 - 131

7.Factors influencing mortality in traumatic ruptures of diaphragm
Arife Polat Düzgün, Mehmet Mahir Özmen, Barış Saylam, Faruk Coşkun
PMID: 18523904  Pages 132 - 138

8.Characteristics of pediatric hand injuries followed up in a hand rehabilitation unit
Füsun Şahin, Serap Dalgıç Yücel, Figen Yılmaz, Cem Erçalık, Nalan Eşit, Banu Kuran
PMID: 18523905  Pages 139 - 144

9.Burn and vital risk criteria in industrial accidents (as forensic medicine approach)
Haluk İnce, Eyup Kandemir, Nurhan İnce, Recep Güloğlu, Nurhas Safran
PMID: 18523906  Pages 145 - 148

10.Handwashing habit of intensive care workers
Özer Makay, Gökhan İçöz, Asude Yılmaz, Figen Kolcu
PMID: 18523907  Pages 149 - 153

11.Traumatic intercostal pulmonary herniation: a case report
Eric Jasper Hazebroek, Han Boxma, Peter D De Rooij
PMID: 18523908  Pages 154 - 157

12.A cruel twist: post-operative cecal volvulus
Christopher D. Scott, Brian M. Trotta, Joseph J. Dubose, Elihu Ledesma, Charles M. Friel
PMID: 18523909  Pages 158 - 162

13.Combined diaphragmatic and urinary bladder rupture after minor motorcycle accident (Report of a case and literature review)
Stavros Gourgiotis, Stefanie Rothkegel, Stylianos Germanos
PMID: 18523910  Pages 163 - 166

14.Adenocarcinoid tumour of the appendix masquerading as acute appendicitis: a word of caution
Jawad Ahmad, Syed I. H. Andrabi, D. K. Thekkinkattil, Munir A. Rathore
PMID: 18523911  Pages 167 - 169

15.Be careful in the operating room! Formaldehyde tablets in the chewing gum box.
Kerem Erkalp, Haluk Ozdemir
Page 170
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